The Greaser

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The Greaser
1 Soda's traits
1.1 Soda's a 16 year old,high school dropout."Soda never cracks a book at all"(2)
1.2 Although he dropped out of school, he still has a good work ethic as he works at a gas station and helps Darry pay for bills.
1.3 Soda has two brother, one younger and one older. Their parents died in a car accident and soda along with Darry helps raise the younger brother.
1.4 Soda's bigger brother who name is Darry and Soda's little brothers name is Ponyboy.
1.5 Ponyboy thinks of Soda as a caregiver and Darry as the discipline because Darry screams at Ponyboy more than Soda. "Soda tries to understand, at least, which is more than Darry does." (2)
1.6 Soda has a girl who's name is Sandy. Soda is a Greaser and the greasers are in conflict with the Socs.
1.7 Soda smokes only to steady his nerves or when he wants to look tough." Soda's movie-star kind of handsome, the kind of people stop on the street to watch go by."(7)

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