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1 Barristers are specially trained to advise clients on the strength and weaknesses of their case and act like a court room advocate.
2 Education and training
2.1 Education
2.1.1 Quickest route is to complete a qualifying law degree authorised by the bar standards board. Core topics: public and criminal law, obligations, legal research. Option modules: enviromental and consumer law and intelectual property
2.1.2 GDL OR CPE. Graduate diploma in law Common professional examination If they have a degree in another subject Core topics: Obligations, criminal and public law. Option modules: Enviromental and consumer law, and intellectual property.
2.2 Membership of an inn of court.
2.2.1 Lincolns Inn, Greys Inn, Middle Temple, Inner Temple.
2.2.2 12 sessions at their chosen court. DURING THE BPTC.
2.3 BPTC- Bar Professional Training Contract.
2.3.1 Practically based. Advocacy Role playing Drafting legal documents Case preperation
3 Admission to the bar.
3.1 After completing the BPTC student can be called to the bar in their chosen in of court.
3.2 Final stage of training to actually practice.
3.2.1 PUPILAGE. One year, 2 sixes, similar to apprenticeship Paid a min of £12,000

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