Structure determination

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Structure determination
1 Mass spectrometry
1.1 Base peak - the highest peak caused by the most abundant ion
1.2 Molecular ion peak - the one on the right - the Mr - position depends on m/z
1.3 Molecular fragments - M+e- = M+. +2e-
1.4 Only X+ will be accelerated the radical wont be
2 n.m.r
2.1 Odd mass number nuclear will spin with the magnetic field or opposed to it
2.2 Chemical shift - size of the shift compared to the standard TMS
3 Proton n.m.r
3.1 Atoms in the same chemical environment are described as equivalent atoms
3.2 Stronger electronegativity pull electrons towards it and expose the nucleus deshielding the H atoms
3.3 Integration value is the number of protons
3.4 Furthest to the left - arger chemical shift are most desheilded
4 Peak splitting
4.1 Protons in neighbouring chemical environments are coupled
4.1.1 One will have spin aligned with the field and be slightly desheidled and visa versa
4.2 Look at non-equivielnt group next to it - n+1 rule
5 Carbon n.m.r
5.1 Draw circle around groups - join like groups with a line
6 Chromatography
6.1 Column
6.1.1 Different compounds in a mixture are eluted by a solvent
6.1.2 Retention time - time taken to leave the column - depends on attraction to stationary phase and solubility to mobile phase
6.2 Gas-liquid
6.2.1 Separate volatile liquids
6.2.2 Long coiled tube so fits into an oven
6.2.3 Stationary phases the liquid with the higher boiling point, mobile phase is unreactive gas Sample vaporises and pushed through by the carrier gas - different components emerge depending on boiling points
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