Does Violence in Videogames Cause Aggressive Behavior?


South Australia - South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Research Project Mind Map on Does Violence in Videogames Cause Aggressive Behavior?, created by lvanmeerveld on 05/15/2013.
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Does Violence in Videogames Cause Aggressive Behavior?
  1. Gender
    1. Which typically playes more videogames?
      1. Which is typically more violent before/after playing?
      2. Age
        1. Pre-teen
          1. Adolesents
            1. Adult
              1. How is each age group affected?
              2. Videogames
                1. Genres of games
                  1. Violent
                    1. Beat 'em up
                      1. Shooter
                        1. Action Adventure
                          1. RPG
                            1. Strategy
                            2. non-violent
                              1. Platform
                                1. Adventure/Real time
                                  1. Simulation
                                    1. music
                                      1. Puzzle
                                    2. Types of violence
                                      1. Physical
                                        1. Sexual
                                          1. psycological
                                            1. Verbal
                                              1. Cultural
                                                1. Which is most commonly shown?
                                                2. Platform
                                                  1. Console
                                                    1. PC
                                                      1. Any difference in violence?
                                                        1. Online violence from other players?
                                                    2. Forms of aggressive behavior
                                                      1. Physical Violence
                                                        1. Verbal Hostility
                                                          1. Passive aggression
                                                            1. nonverbal intimidation
                                                              1. Which is most common?
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