Keeping Healthy - B1

Georgia Freeman
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GCSE Biology (B1) Mind Map on Keeping Healthy - B1, created by Georgia Freeman on 05/23/2014.

Georgia Freeman
Created by Georgia Freeman over 5 years ago
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Keeping Healthy - B1
1 Healthy Body
1.1 Balanced diet
1.1.1 Right balance of food groups = right amount of food and energy - carbohydrates - fats - proteins mineral ions and vitamins
1.1.2 Malnourished diet is not balanced take in more or less energy or... fewer nutrients in food than they need Leads to being... underweight overweight having deficiency diseases
1.2 Regular Exercise
2 Our bodies provide environment for microbes
2.1 Microbes can make you very ill
2.1.1 BODY STOPS MICROBES GETTING IN Vaccination Prevents infections
3 Metabolic rate
3.1 * the rate at which all chemical reactions in cells take place
3.2 affected by:
3.2.1 how active the person is
3.2.2 the physical fitness of the person
3.2.3 the proportion of muscle to fat in the body
3.2.4 inherited factors genetic diseases cystic fibrosis sickle-cell disease haemophillia metabolic rate cholesterol levels CHOLESTEROL * fatty substance made by the body.. essential for health animal fats = high quantities of cholesterol eat too much = cholesterol in blood increases can leave deposits in blood vessels causes them to narrow can cause heart attacks
3.3 low metabolic rate = weight gain more likely