Excretory System

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Excretory System
1 What?
1.1 Lungs- CO2
1.2 Kidney- Urea
1.3 Skin- urea
1.4 Liver- bile salts
2 Why?
2.1 To expel wastes that have been made by cells as a by-product of metabolism. If waste accumulates then it becomes toxic
3 How?
3.1 Nitrogenous waste, water and other substances combine to make urine
3.2 The greater the toxicity of the waste, the more water required to dilute it for excretion
4 Where
4.1 Lungs- removes CO2 from blood
4.2 Kidney- removes urea from blood
4.3 Skin- removes quantities of urea from blood
4.4 Liver- removes pigment (haemoglobin) from warn out red blood cells
5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZMJeZL-BVg
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