Computer Security

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Created by azamuddin over 5 years ago
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Computer Security
1 A.2 Operational Categories
1.1 Prevention
1.1.1 create information security policy
1.1.2 User Training
1.1.3 Access Control
1.1.4 Firewall
1.2 Detection
1.2.1 Whistle Blower
1.2.2 Intrusion Detection System
1.2.3 Integrity Assurance Software
1.3 Respond
1.3.1 unpluggin Network Cable
1.3.2 Blocking IP Address
1.4 Recovery
1.4.1 Disk Mirorring
1.4.2 Automated Backup
2 A.1 Computer Security Incident
2.1 A.1.1 Characteristic
2.1.1 The Attacker or Origin
2.1.2 Tools Used
2.1.3 Vulnerability Exploited
2.1.4 Action Performed
2.1.5 Intended Target
2.1.6 Unauthorized Result
2.1.7 Attack Objectives
2.2 A.1.3 CSIRT
2.2.1 Why Need? Benefit? Economic Public Relation Legal
2.2.2 Goal & Objective
2.2.3 Activities Non Real Time Pre Incident Charter Mission Statement types of incidents - A.1.2 service provided constituenty Authority & Funding Policy Incident Reporting Procedures PoC Various Contact types Team members Work hours Time Zone Who report? Incident Symptom awareness Incident Tracking & Handling Procedure Post Incident Real Time Incident Handling Identify Incident determine actual incident verify, security or non-security? Incident Prioritization Containtment Eradicate Incident Recovery Identify Damage Repair System Restore System Investigation Identify Cause Forensic Collect Evidence Volatile Non Volatile Assign Blame reoccurrence prevvention Restitution Communication
2.3 A.1.2 Types and Categories of CSI
2.3.1 Service Interrupts
2.3.2 System Interferrence
2.3.3 Unauthorized Access
2.3.4 Commercial use
2.3.5 Malicious Communication
2.3.6 Theft
2.3.7 Unsolicitated Bulk Mail
2.3.8 Other

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