Despcriptive Language

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Despcriptive Language
1 Strong Verbs
1.1 Verbs can be strong and powerful according to their context
2 Interesting Adjectives
2.1 Adjectives are used a lot in ballads so they are a good topic to talk about and they can be weak or interesting
3 Sensory Imagery
3.1 Olfactory Imagery- smell
3.2 Visual Imagery- see
3.3 Auditory Imagery- hear
3.4 Gustatory Imagery- taste
3.5 Tactile Imagery- touch
4 Contrast
4.1 You can talk about the contrast in a ballad if it contrasts between two subjects EG. light and dark, cold and hot...
5 Repetition
5.1 Repetition is when a certain subject or feeling is talked about a lot and is constantly repeated
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