Genetic Engineering.. Embryology

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Created by maryamshahid786 over 6 years ago
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Genetic Engineering.. Embryology
1 Human Genetic Engineering: the modification of gene make up to change the features of a human
2 Embryology: the study of human embryos
3 Embryo: fertilised ovum at about 14 days when implanted in the wall of the womb
4 Buddhism: 'The right intention' plays a big role in whether or not Buddhists accept GE. If it is seen as improving or saving life then it is acceptable but some turn against it as they believe destroying life is wrong and goes against the first precept of not harming any living thing
5 Christianity: Opposed as it takes or devalues life. Goes against the idea of Sanctity of Life and Gods teachings because it is seen as if they are taking on the role of God by creating life. Goes against the Ten Commandments: 'You shall not murder'
5.1 Some are in favour because it gives a better quality of life & it is God given intelligence which should be used positively and developed
6 Hinduism: they believe in Ahimsa: not to harm any living thing- but it is allowed if it is helping a living thing and can help gain good karma. Otheriwse it can promote bad karma and make it difficult to achieve Samsara
7 Islam: Allah has given us skills to help others and this is just a developed way of doing so. It can however go against the idea of sanctity of life because Allah is the creator of life. Debate about when life begins; 40 days or 120 days
8 Cloning: Making an animal (living thing) or plant with the exact same genetic make up (DNA) of the original
8.1 Yes: Helps with research, improves quality of life, free will, new technology & developments inspired by God
8.2 No:against nature and the way we were created by God, reproductive cloning affects the person identity and position in the family, may not have a sole
8.2.1 Qur'an: 'It is He [Allah] who created you from a single person'
9 Human-animal hybrid embryo: Embryo made from human DNA and animal eggs fr experiments

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