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Marketing Mind Map on Awareness, created by Paddy Costello on 13/06/2017.

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1 Identify Need
2 Focus on Buyers Pain Points
3 Research
3.1 Buyer Exploring Options - Educational, Reviews, Testimonials
3.1.1 Opportunity for Online Data Capture
3.2 Resources must be available - Downloads, Incentives, Sign ups, Interaction
3.2.1 Lead Scoring Begins
3.3 Personalisation - How will this fit into my life
3.4 Enrichment - Do I like the way it looks/feels
3.5 Validation - Am I making the right choice/Do others think so
3.6 Information - How do the facts stack up/ What else do I need to know
3.7 Consideration
3.7.1 Online Pricing, Competitors Quality, Return Policy, Reputation
3.7.2 In Store Pricing, Competitors Quality, Return Policy, Reputation
3.7.3 Shopping/Purchase In Store Stress Free, Personalised, Choice, Service Online Stress Free, Personalised, Choice, Service Purchase/Post Purchase Experience/Feedback Engagement Follow Up/Loyalty
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