International Business Strategy

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International Business Strategy
1 International Strategy


  • How Firms make choices concerning acquisition and use of sparce recources to achieve international objectives
1.1 Competitive Advantage
1.1.1 Developed Competencies


  • Skills / abilities to accomplish certain tasks. 
1.1.2 Higher profits
1.2 Strategic Planning
1.2.1 Where is it going
1.2.2 How will it get there
1.2.3 Assesment on completion
1.2.4 Process 1. Analyze External Recognize nature of key environmental forces Determine how to react to changes 2. Analyze Internal Value Chain analysis


  • Assesment on interlinked activities in company to detemine added value Knowledge as a controllable corporate resource Knowlegde management Id Creation Acquisition Development Dispersion Exploitation of competitively valuable knowledge Tactic - Hard to express Explicit - Easy to communicate 3. Business & Mission Mission Statement Broad - Scope & Purpose Vision Statement Desired future position Values Statement Values , Beliefs , Priorities of Orgs Members 4. Objectives Direct Course of action Maintain within boundary of mision ensure continuation 5. Quantify Goals 6. Formulate Strategies Action plans enabling orgs to reach objectives Home Replication Strategy Multidomestic Strategy Global Strategy Transnational Strategy 7. Make tactical plans Features Sales Forecases Budgets Facilitators Policies Broad & Recurring Procedures Ensure uniformity
2 Market entry
2.1 Exporting
2.1.1 Direct Most Common
2.1.2 Indirect Costumer ( iC ) Exports
2.2 Contractual Agreements
2.2.1 Long-Term Non Eq
2.2.2 Licensing Patents , Trademarks & Tech Processes
2.2.3 Franchising Standard Packaging
2.3 Strategic Alliances
2.3.1 International Strategic Alliances Muutual need and to share risk Building


  • Dating  Imaging Initiating Interfacing Commiting Fine-Tuning 
2.3.2 International Joint Ventures Seperate , legal entities Acknowledge intent by partners & JV Partnership between legally incorporated entitites Equity held by partner
2.3.3 Consortia Large # participants Operate in location where none is active
2.4 Direct Foreign Investment
2.4.1 Influence Timing Contract Cost structures Tech & Knowledge Transfer Product Differentation Previous Exp Advertising & Reputation barriers
3 Total Brand Experience
3.1 Product Experience
3.2 Shopping & service Experience
3.3 Consumption Experience
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