What was the biggest problem facing the Second Reich?

Elizabeth Carr
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A Levels History Mind Map on What was the biggest problem facing the Second Reich?, created by Elizabeth Carr on 05/26/2014.

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Elizabeth Carr
Created by Elizabeth Carr over 5 years ago
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What was the biggest problem facing the Second Reich?
1 Demand for social reform from socialists
1.1 SPD had growing support
1.2 Reforms to please socialists - seen as threat
2 Demand for constitutional reform
2.1 Ruling classes remained in charge
2.1.1 Daily Telegraph Affair
2.1.2 Zabern Affair
2.1.3 Prussian voting system
2.2 SPD growth did not equal power
3 Tensions over demands for more aggressive foreign policy
3.1 Few opportunities to expand as territory taken by other powers
3.2 SPD against due to need for social reform
3.3 Herero Uprising
3.4 SPD voted for 1913 Army Bill for patriotism
3.5 Socialists and Catholic opposed to colonialism
4 Demand for more power by Centre Party
4.1 Resented treatment by Bulow
4.2 Voted to cause disharmony
5 Fragmentation and radicalisation of right wing politics
5.1 Groups wanted to protect own interests
5.2 Middle class groups
5.3 Nationalist groups
5.3.1 Anti-socialist, radicalised politics
5.4 Anti-semitism

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