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4 poems from higher level english poetry course 2014

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Emily Dickenson
1 I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed
1.1 Themes
1.1.1 Nature
1.1.2 Death
1.1.3 Religeon
1.2 The poem makes you imagine is the speaker is a bird
1.3 ABAB rhyming scheme
1.4 One of Dickenson's happier poems
1.5 Metaphor
1.5.1 White flowers called drinking cups
1.6 Alliteration
1.6.1 Little Tippler
1.6.2 Seraphs swing their snowy hat
1.7 Assonance
1.7.1 Endless summer
2 Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
2.1 Didactic Poem
2.1.1 Teaching us a lesson Don't give up hope is always there
2.2 Hope is abstract yet Dickenson makes it sound concrete like a bird
2.3 No grammar rules
2.3.1 Dashes
2.4 Contrast in Stanza 2
2.4.1 Bleek Storm VS Warmth
2.5 Personal poem
2.5.1 Pronoun 'I'
2.6 Themes
2.6.1 Hardship
2.6.2 Hope
3 There's A Certain Slant of Light
3.1 Themes
3.1.1 Anguish
3.1.2 Depression
3.1.3 Nature Landscape listens
3.2 Negative view of god & religeon
3.3 Imagery
3.3.1 Winter sunlight presented as something solid
3.4 Personification describes the atmosphere of nervous tension that fill the landscape with light
4 I Felt A Funeral in My Brain
4.1 Imagined
4.1.1 Mindscape
4.2 Theme
4.2.1 Mental Anguish
4.3 Personification
4.3.1 Pronoun 'I'
4.4 Dominated by funeral imagery
4.5 Wrote in a difficult time of her life
4.6 Capitals Highlight the experience
4.6.1 Mouners
4.6.2 Drum
4.6.3 Brain
4.7 Ends on a cliffhanger
5 A Soul Has Bandaged Moments
5.1 Themes
5.1.1 Mental Anguish
5.1.2 Depression
5.1.3 Suffering "Bandaged Moments"
5.2 The soul when happy compared to a honey bee
5.2.1 Bee kept away from the rose bush
5.3 Happiness is short lived
5.3.1 Depression returns Compared to capturing a criminal "The horror welcomes her again"
5.4 Imagery
5.4.1 Erotic nature "Caress her freezing hair" "Sip goblin from the very lips the lover - hovered o'er"
5.4.2 Simile "When Felkon led along with shackles on the plumed feet and staples in the song"

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