How far does Mary deserve her title of 'Bloody Mary'?

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Created by Equinox over 5 years ago
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How far does Mary deserve her title of 'Bloody Mary'?
1 Yes, she does
1.1 In Wyatts rebellion, she punished the rebels severely by hanging 120 people
1.1.1 Their bodies left to rot slowly on gallows both in London and in the villages, a terrible warning to others.
1.2 Many believed that only by burning their could their 'evil' be destoryed and their souls be taken to God.
1.3 In three years, about 3000 Protestants were burned at the stake.
1.3.1 Most of the burnings happened in south-east England, because that was where Protestantism had won most support
2 No, she doesn't
2.1 Compared to her father in deaths, Henry VIII had thousands more people killed in terms of executions, getting a high score of 70,000!
2.2 Her personal history was very troubled. She blamed the new religion of Protestantism for the break up of her parents marriage.
2.3 In her day, any devotion from any deviation from the true religion (Catholicism) was an insult to God.
2.4 The title 'Bloody Mary' was given to her by her enemies (people of the Protestant faith), who triumphed after her death/short reign (Elizabeth I)
3 Conclusion
3.1 Much of Mary's reputation came from angry Protestants who had a lot to gain by insulting her name (e.g John Fox's 'Book of Martyrs').
3.1.1 From this point of view, we can say that Mary was only following the law and believing in and doing what she thought was right, and does not deserve this title.
3.2 We have to remember the times she lived in. To Mary and her Catholic subjects, any deviation from the true religion (Catholicism) was an insult to God.
3.2.1 The penalty for heretics (which Protestants were according to the Catholic Church) was burning.

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