Learning Vocabulary

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Created by b.pereira.p9749 over 5 years ago
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Learning Vocabulary
1 Learning is remembering
1.1 steps of memory
1.1.1 Short-term store It holds a limited number of items or information for a short period of time (some seconds)
1.1.2 Working memory Transitory information in the mind articulatory loop It enables a person to remember short strings of words by rehearsing them repeatedly in his head mental sketch pad
1.1.3 Long-term memory It has enormous capacity and its contents are durable over time principles to store information in the long term memory Repetition Repiting a word over spaced intervals Retrieval Recovering a word from memory Spacing Distributing memory work across a period of time (distributed practise) Pacing Doing learning process at learner's own pace Use Putting words to use ("use it or lose it") Cognitive depths Using cognitive strategies Personal organizer Personalized strategies developed by the learner Imaging associate new word with mental images Mnemonics Hints the learner has to retrieve items or rules stored in his/her memory Motivation Being enthusiastic at learning new words Affective depths Making affective judgements about words Attention/arousal Being conscious and paying attention to what is being learned
2 Avoiding forgetting
2.1 Retention of easy learned words
2.2 Distributed practise
2.2.1 Learning words over spaced learning sessions
2.3 Reciycling
2.3.1 Spaced review of loaned material
3 Difficulties
3.1 False friends
3.1.1 actually ≠ actualmente
3.2 pronunciation
3.2.1 Otolaryngology
3.3 Spelling
3.3.1 misspell
3.4 Length and complexity
3.4.1 Antidisestablishmentarianism
3.5 Grammar
3.5.1 phrasal verbs
3.6 Meaning
3.6.1 get
3.7 Range, connotation and idiomacity
3.7.1 English propaganda ≠ Spanish propaganda