My Interests

Shae Partington
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Shae Partington
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My Interests
1 Sport
1.1 Netball
1.1.1 ANZ becoming Suncorp
1.2 Football
1.2.1 First year AFL draftees Moving interstate Reducing the age
1.3 Proffesionalism
1.3.1 What makes a professional person
1.3.2 Gender Inequality Equal pay Physical differences Psychological differences
1.4 Recovery
1.4.1 Importance
1.4.2 Passive or Active
2 Adoption
2.1 Meaza and Mhiret (friends)
2.1.1 Adoption in ethiopia Ethipian Mothers Birth Control Negatives of adopting Managemnt of funding Benifits of adoption Government Decision Labour Short term and long term effects on Ethiopian children Past adoption programs
3 Career
3.1 Country or city living
3.1.1 Does living in the city have more opportunities
3.1.2 Country towns more community oriented
3.2 Gap year
3.3 Acting
3.3.1 Celebrities in Hollywood
3.4 Personal Training
3.5 Dad
3.5.1 Mining Commuting Working away from home Shiftwork 12 hour shifts Night Shift Earn good money Effects of mining Physical Emotional Living in a mining town Expensive Safety Deaths or injuries in the workplace
4 Fitness/health
4.1 Grief
4.1.1 Death of a loved one Psychological effects Social style Relationships Effecting future success Life adjustments Different ways of dealing Mental illness Depression Anxiety Eating DIsorder Self harm Anger issues Viewing the world Effecting all ages Impact on young children Tragic death Cancer
4.2 Adolescents having enough exercise
4.2.1 Improving education
5 Education
5.1 Uniform
5.2 Home School
5.2.1 Positives
5.2.2 Negatives
5.3 Less fortunate
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