Poetic Techniques

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Poetic Techniques
1 Figurative language
1.1 Personification
1.2 Metaphores
1.3 Similes
1.4 Alliteration
2 Sensory Imagery
2.1 sound
2.2 Smell
2.3 Taste
2.4 Touch
2.5 Hear
3 Stressed syllables- strong beat
3.1 Unstressed syllables- soft beat
3.1.1 Flow of sounds!!! Rythm
4 Stanzas
4.1 Lines
5 Number of times = meter
5.1 3- triameter
5.1.1 4- tetrameter 5- pentameter
6 Examples
6.1 Simile- he was like a playfull puppy
6.2 personification- the wind howled
6.3 metaphor- the student was an angel
6.4 Alliteration- the snake slithered soundlessly over the scruffy grass
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