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Year 9 English Mind Map on scrooge, created by Jess Hewitt on 29/06/2017.

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Jess Hewitt
Created by Jess Hewitt over 2 years ago
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1 Miserly
2 frugal
3 "It's not my business"
3.1 Scrooge is apthetic and ignorant to the needs of others
4 "Why, it's Ali Baba"
4.1 The reader learns of Scrooge's unhappy childhood, and how he had to rely on books and his imagination for companionshop
5 "Are there no prisons"
5.1 Further portraying Scrooge's unrelenting igonorance
6 "And the union workhouses?"
6.1 The reader sees Scrooge's selfish and unkind view on poverty
6.1.1 Product of society?
7 "Warning all human sympathy to keep its distance"
7.1 Scrooge's self willed isolation from society
8 Cynical
9 Selfish
10 tight fisted
11 unkind
12 aged ways
13 "the happiness he gives is quite as great as if it cost a fortune"
13.1 Scrooge is beginning to understand that materialism isnt everything, and emotion/ relationships with others is more important
14 "I should like to say a word or two to my clerk"
14.1 Scrooge sees the error of his ways
15 "Squeezing,wrenching,grasping"
15.1 Use of violent verbs to portray Scrooge
16 Understanding that he needs to change
17 "Covetous old sinner"
17.1 greedy, miserable, aged
18 "Tell me if tiny tim will live"
19 Apathetic

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