What Impact might a volcanic eruption or earthquake in Japan have on Canada?


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What Impact might a volcanic eruption or earthquake in Japan have on Canada?
  1. The debris
    1. Debris routinely washes up on B.C.'s beaches
      1. The tsunami also raised the possibility of human remains washing up on North American shores
        1. Objects that float high on the water such as Styrofoam arrived first, followed by an increase of wooden debris
          1. According to Japanese estimates, approximately 5 million tonnes of debris was washed into the Pacific by the backwash from the tsunami
          2. Stephen Harper
            1. Stephen Harper issued a statement following the earthquake and tsunami that struck, offering heartfelt condolences to all that have been affected
            2. Assistance
              1. Stephen Harper said Canada will do what it can to help Japan recover from this disaster
                1. In Canada, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon announced on 13 March that Canada would provide medical, engineering and financial aid to Japan
                2. Economy
                  1. The provincial government has spent between $200,000 and $300,000 to respond to the tsunami debris, while the federal government puts its own number at about $400,000
                    1. In addition to that 1 million dollars, from the Japanese government, which will fund a program run by the B.C. government that allows local governments, First Nations and non-governmental organizations to apply for funding for their own cleanup projects.
                    2. Canadiens affected
                      1. Diplomats at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo are working with Japanese authorities to determine whether any Canadians have been injured in the earthquake or tsunami
                        1. A group of high school students from Brighton, Ontario were on a tour bus in Tokyo when the quake rattled the city
                          1. Canadians that were visiting the country are eager to get home, flights are next to impossible
                            1. B.C. native has been teaching in Tokyo for more than a decade and has never experienced anything like this. “I was shaking like a mad dog,” he recalls.
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