Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking
1 Critical thinking is a process that aims to analyze, understand or evaluate the way in which knowledge is intended to interpret and represent the world, in particular the opinions or affirmations that in everyday life are generally accepted as true.
1.1 Critical Thinking Theory, discusses how intelligence should be used and the Knowledge for the achievement of more rational and objective viewpoints with the data That they own.
1.1.1 Attitude of a critical thinker: open mind, healthy skepticism, Intellectual humility, freedom of thought and high motivation.
1.1.2 Prejudices of critical thinking that arise from human deficiencies Natural, while others are clearly calculated and manipulated.
1.1.3 At the heart of every critical thinker lies the Ability to identify, construct and evaluate Verbal communication as well as written communication.
1.1.4 Evaluate sources of information. A critical thinker should approach Logically to the validity of the data.
1.1.5 The abilities Are analysis, interpretation, inference, evaluation and self-regulation
1.1.6 Evaluate the arguments, that is, what is taken as the starting point of the Argument must be guaranteed and check whether the reasoning is Relevant and sufficient and if there is information that has been omitted.
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