The White Devil Quotes

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The White Devil Quotes
1 The Catholic Church / Corruption
1.1 'It doth not suit a reverend cardinal to play the lawyer thus'
1.2 'O poor charity! / Thou art seldom found in scarlet'
1.3 Let me appeal then from this Christian Court to the uncivil tartar'
1.4 'were there a second paradise to lose/ This devil would betray it'
1.5 'A rape! A rape! ... Yes you have ravished justice / Forced her to do your pleasure'
1.6 'You have ta'en the sacrament to prosecute / t'intended murder'
1.7 'If you be my accuser / Pray cease to be my judge'
2 Appearance/Reality
2.1 'if the devil ever did take good shape behold his picture'
2.2 'counterfeit jewels make true ones oft' suspected'
2.3 'painted devils'
3 Women
3.1 'Woman to man is either a god or a wolf'
3.2 'sweet meats that rot the eater'
3.3 'Women's anger / Should, like their fright, procure a little sport'
3.4 'I do love her, just as a man holds a wolf by the ears'
3.5 'Trust a woman? Never, never'
4 Vittoria
4.1 'fair and crystal river/ For that some melancholic distracted man / Hath drowned himself in't'
4.2 'if man should spit against the wind / The filth returns in's face'
4.3 'I had a limb corrupted to an ulcer, /But I have cut it off: and now I'll go / Weeping to heaven on crutches'
4.4 'Through darkness diamonds spread their richest light'
4.5 'My soul, like a ship in a black storm, / Is driven I know not wither'
5 Flamineo
5.1 he took the crucifix between his hands / And broke a limb off.'
5.2 'I would fain know where lies the mass of wealth which you have hoarded for my maintenance'
5.3 'We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry'
5.4 'cease to be fortunes slaves / Nay cease to die by dying'
5.5 'at myself I will begin and end'
6 Power / Corruption
6.1 'Knaves do grow great by becoming great men's apes'
6.2 'There's but three furies found in spacious hell; / But in a great man's breast three thousand dwell'
6.3 'greatness hath by much o'ergrown thy wit'
6.4 'what have I gained from thee but infamy?'
6.5 'Glories like glow-worms, afar off shine bright / But looked to near, have neither heat nor light'
6.6 'O happy are they that never saw the court, / 'Nor ever knew great men but by report'
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