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Created by angelique.bates over 6 years ago
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1 Larry La Salle
1.1 "Does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things"
1.1.1 "Good Things" because his a war hero
1.1.2 Concluding Point
1.1.3 "one" thinks of it as a small thing rather then harm he has caused.
1.2 "Lured awkward girls into ballet"
1.2.1 "Lured" drawing them into some kind of trap - foreshadows rape.
1.2.2 gives confidence to children
1.2.3 makes him a good teacher
1.3 "Sweet Young Things"
1.3.1 disgusting
1.3.2 no remorse from Larry
1.3.3 shocking to the reader
1.4 "Silver Star" "Saves platoon"
1.4.1 does truly good
1.4.2 war hero
1.4.3 hero
1.5 "Knife Life" "Lethal"
1.5.1 seems more dangerous
1.5.2 how war has changed him
1.5.3 foreshadows rape
1.6 "Dazzling movie star teeth"
1.6.1 "Dazzling" blinded by how he comes across (don't see his true nature)
1.6.2 stands out
1.6.3 sounds attractive (that's why Nicole goes crimson around him)
1.6.4 "movie star" glamour's and exciting
1.7 "Broad shoulders of an athlete, narrow hips of a dancer"
1.7.1 Perfect
1.7.2 to good to be true (Cormier does this on purpose)
1.7.3 Good at everything
1.7.4 stereotypical
1.7.5 versitile
1.8 "whimpering like a small animal caught in a trap"
1.8.1 makes Larry seem like a predator
1.9 "whistle softly"
1.9.1 casual
1.9.2 not bothered
2 Francis Cassavant
2.1 "Mission"
2.1.1 to kill larry
2.1.2 war life
2.1.3 makes reader wonder why a young boy as sweet like Francis wants to murder Larry
2.2 "I still want to die"
2.2.1 regret
2.2.2 guilt - didn't manage to kill himself
2.3 "I pledged my love and loyalty to her forever"
2.3.1 Enter text here

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