Ancient China

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Mindmap on Ancient China

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Ancient China
1 Geography
1.1 Geographical Boundaries
1.1.1 Gobi Desert
1.1.2 Tibetan Plateau
1.1.3 Jungle
1.1.4 Himalayas
1.1.5 Seas East China Sea South China Sea Yellow Sea
1.2 Rivers
1.2.1 Yangze
1.2.2 Yellow
1.3 In Asia
1.4 Bordering Countries
1.4.1 Russia
1.4.2 Mongolia
1.4.3 India
1.4.4 Nepal
1.4.5 Vietnam
1.4.6 North Korea
1.4.7 South Korea
1.4.8 Japan
2 Society
2.1 Social hierarchy
2.1.1 Roles of the Emperor Religious leader Leads army Highest court of appeal Makes laws
2.2 Social status importance determined by the importance your role held in the community
2.3 Confucianism
2.3.1 Everyone has a part to play in the society and must commit to it without question
2.3.2 Respect parents and elders
2.4 Dynasties
2.4.1 Xia
2.4.2 Shang
2.4.3 Zhou
2.4.4 Chi
2.4.5 Chu
2.4.6 Qin
2.4.7 Wei
2.4.8 Han
2.4.9 Chao
2.5 Men more respected than women
2.5.1 Women in richer families were treated as slaves and entertainment for the men
2.5.2 foot binding
2.5.3 arranged marriage
2.5.4 bride price
3 Government and law
3.1 Emperor had team of advisors who helped him make important decisions
3.2 Legalism
3.2.1 There were harsh punishments Must not talk back to parents respect those above you
3.2.2 Depending on how bad the crime was Based on Confucian values
3.2.3 lashing, tattooing, cangue
3.2.4 mutilation, slave, banishment, death
3.2.5 250BC
3.3 Head of government was Emperor
3.3.1 Had power
3.3.2 Must keep mandate of heaven
3.4 Army
3.4.1 Very important
3.4.2 Terracotta Warriors- over 8,000 in Qin Shi Huangdi's tomb
4 Beliefs and values
4.1 Confucianism
4.1.1 Confucius- 551 BC- 479 BC Was a philosopher and teacher
4.1.2 Taught that you must respect those above you
4.1.3 Everybody had a job in the society that they had to complete without question
4.1.4 Education is extremely important and must be available to all men regardless of their social status
4.2 Social structure
4.3 Daoism
4.3.1 Laozi - 604BC-531BC Philosopher
4.3.2 life should be lived in harmony with nature
4.4 Creation
4.4.1 many legends
4.4.2 PANGU yin and yang kept apart to stop chaos from returning
4.5 Astrology
4.5.1 believed that you could tell the future from reading the stars and planets
4.6 Ancestor Worship
4.6.1 could communicate with gods only through ancestors
4.6.2 must be kept happy
5 Legacies
5.1 Confucianism is what the morals and ethics Modern China is based on
5.2 Education is extremely important in modern China
5.3 War strategies have changed from experience
5.4 Peace made
5.5 Confucius's birthday is celebrated
5.6 Boys are still valued over girls
5.7 Gun powder
5.8 Crossbow
5.8.1 Changed the weapons of the modern world
5.9 Paper