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English grammar
1 Nouns = naming words & Common = people, places, animals & things
1.1 Collective Nouns E.G Swarm of Bees
1.1.1 Possessive Nouns = Use an apostrophe to show ownership E.G Jaydon's pen One owner E.G The dinner of the dog = The dog's dinner More than 1 owner E.G. = The tents of the scouts = The scout's tents If owner is plural E.G The school of the boys = The boys' school
1.2 Pronoun = Stands in place of noun E.G Jaydon runs / "He" runs
1.2.1 Singular Pronouns = I, he, her, she, it
1.2.2 Plural = More than 1 E.G His, they, them, theirs
1.3 Proper Nouns = Name of place or person E.G South Africa
1.4 Adjectives = describing the noun E.G Large tree / small mouse
1.4.1 Comparitive adj. = compare 1 noun to another E.G Fast - faster
1.4.2 Superlative adj. = comparing more than 1 other noun E.G Fast, faster - Fastest
2 Verbs = doing words
2.1 Past, present & future E.G Walks, Walked and will walk
2.2 Adverb = Describes the verb E.G The animals gathered slowly.
2.2.1 Adv of manner = 'how' / Adv of time = 'when' / Adv of place = 'Where;
3 Syllables = breaking up word E.G Beau/ti/ful
4 Synonym = similar word E.G. Pretty/ Beautiful
4.1 Antonym = Opposite word E.G Fast/ Slow
5 Conjunction = Joining word E.G Because, and , that, but, when
6 Contractions = shortened form of 2 words E.G We have = we've the apostrophe shows the letter that have been removed
7 Roots words/ Prefixes/Suffixes
7.1 Prefix (Before) = mis,en
7.1.1 Anti , Auto (by itself), Dis (go) like disappear, Sub, Un (not)
7.2 Root (Core) = use, joy
7.3 Suffix (After) = Less (not)/ ful (a lot) /ment
7.3.1 Able, ible, less, ward/s, ology

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