How a Chef can make food look appetising

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Mind Map on How a Chef can make food look appetising, created by jane stainer on 06/03/2014.

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jane stainer
Created by jane stainer over 5 years ago
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How a Chef can make food look appetising
1 accompaniments - the addition of colourful vegetables and garnishes
2 amount of food on plate - not overcrowded, messy or covered in gravy etc.
3 savoury food served on oval plates or dishes
4 dramatic shapes of serving dishes/plates. Interesting food shapes
5 texture - crispy, soft, smooth, crunchy
6 temperature of food - hot food should be piping hot, cold food cold
7 use of decorations - give examples
8 food stacking - e.g. potato slices, lamb cutlets
9 adding sauces, coulis etc
10 use of garnishes - give examples
11 consistency - how thin or thick, lumpfree sauces
12 colour - use of coloured serving dishes/plates. cream, white, green and brown are 'dead' colours that need lifting
13 use of doilies or dish papers if appropriate
14 portion size - rich food served in smaller quantities
15 Planning a Menu
15.1 Foods in Season
15.1.1 Cost the meal according to the cost of ingredients
15.2 Consider the food available and their cost
15.3 Should have a range of flavours e.g. smooth and crunchy
15.4 Should look appetising
15.5 Should include a range of contrasting flavours... but no to many to hide the flavour of the main product.
15.6 Choose recipes that can be made successfully.
15.7 Oven may be used for more than one thing so check time and oven temperature.
15.8 Think about equipment avaliable
15.9 Dietary requirements
15.10 The type of occasion will affect the type of menu

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