Energy and Fuels

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Energy and Fuels
1 Fuels provide ENERGY - but there are consequences
1.1 Burning fuels
1.1.1 Release co2
1.1.2 Global Warming
1.1.3 Climate Change
1.2 Crude Oil is running out
1.2.1 Fuels like diesel and petrol will become more expensive
1.2.2 Big economic effect
1.2.3 Everything transported by lorry, train or plane gets more expensive
2 Fuel energy is calculated using calorimetry
2.1 Different fuels produce different amounts of energy
2.2 Measure energy release =burn the fuel and use the flame to heat up water
2.2.1 Method 1) Put 50g of water in the copper can and record its temperature 2) Weigh the spirit burner and lid 3) Put the spirit burner underneath the can, and light the wick. Heat water, stiring constantly, until the temp reaches about 50'C 4) Put out the flame using the burner lid, and measure the final temperature of the water Re-weight the spirit burner and lid So we're measuring: Mass of spirit burner & lid. Before & After Temp of water. Before & After ENERGY TRANS=MASS OF WATER X SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY OF WATER X TEMP CHANGE
2.3 Calorimetry uses a GLASS or METAL CONTAINER (usually copper)
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