Ontological Argument Philosopher's

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A few Philosophers relating to the Ontological Argument.

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Anselm's Ontological Argument
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Ontological Argument Philosopher's
1 Why are GE Moore and Russell against the Ontological Argument?
1.1 Kant and Russell
1.1.1 You have to have proof that something exists before you add exist as a quality/predicate of them.
1.1.2 Kant Kant thinks existence is not a predicate Predicate= Quality/Charactistic We have to know what something is to understand it. Existing does not help us understand something. To understand something it *has* to exist so we can know it. A Characteristic has to tell you something about the 'thing', you can't have something without proof. Against the Ontological Argument
1.2 Moore
1.2.1 A Some tame tigers do not growl
1.2.2 B Some tame tigers do not exist
1.2.3 A is meaningful saying that 'tame tigers' do not growl a characteristic
1.2.4 B does not make any sense How do you know what a 'tame tiger' is if it does not exist? You do not learn anything about anything in this sentence/statement. You do not learn anything about Tigers/God by saying if they do/do not exist.
1.3 Russell
1.3.1 Saying 'Cows are brown' is the same as saying 'Cows are brown and exist'. This is because you wouldn't know what it looked like if they didn't exist. Cows= Real things
1.3.2 Therefore you do not prove anything about God by just saying 'he exists'. There is no proof You have to have proof before you say its true. You have to to have proof before you say Gods exists.
2 Infavour of the Ontological Argument
2.1 Alvin Plantinga
2.1.1 There are an infinite number of universes in which God must exist because he is greater than everything. If he didn't exist in all universes he wouldn't be perfect.
2.2 Based on Anselm's statement
2.2.1 "God is greater than can be conceived"
2.3 Gaunilo
2.3.1 "If God exists he must be perfect"
2.3.2 Perfect Island Image your perfect Island (in your mind) For it to be perfect it must exist Counter Not true, because if you can image it, it doesn't mean it exists
2.3.3 Necessary being- God is a necessary being and therefore must exist

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