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Biological Definitions
1 Excretion is the removal of the waste products of chemical reactions in the body
2 The Organs of Excretion
2.1 Lungs
2.1.1 Carbon dioxide and water
2.2 Kidneys
2.2.1 salts, urea and water
2.3 skin
2.3.1 salts and water
3 Functions of the Parts of the Urinary System
3.1 Renal Artery
3.1.1 Carries blood with waste products into the kidneys
3.2 Kidney
3.2.1 Filters waste from the blood, forming urine
3.3 Renal Vein
3.3.1 carries purified blood out of the kidney
3.4 Ureter
3.4.1 Carries urine to the bladder
3.5 Bladder
3.5.1 Stores Urine
3.6 Urethra
3.6.1 excretes urine
4 Filtration in the Kidneys
4.1 blood entering the kidneys contains useful and waste materials
4.2 useful and waste materials are filtered from the blood in the kidneys
4.3 useful materials are then reabsorbed back into the bloodstream
4.3.1 e.g. glucose and water
4.4 materials left in the kidneys form urine
4.4.1 urea, salts and some water
5 Functions of the Kidneys
5.1 To remove waste products from the blood
5.2 To control the amount of water and salts in the body
6 Skin
6.1 Main Functions
6.1.1 To excrete wastes
6.1.2 To protect the body from the entry of organisms that can cause disease
6.1.3 To act as a sense organ
6.1.4 to control the temperature of the body
6.2 Sweat
6.2.1 contains salt + water
6.2.2 made by sweat glands under the skin
6.2.3 passes up through sweat ducts
6.2.4 passes out through swear pores
6.2.5 excretes (salt and water) and helps to cool the body when it evaporates

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