The Human Digestive System

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The Human Digestive System
1 Mouth; the food is chewed up by teeth and mixed with saliva. Which contains an enzyme which breaks down starch.
2 stomach; this is a muscular bag which contains acid to kill bacteria
3 This is a long tube leading from the mouth to the anus in which digestion takes place. Indigestible waste is ESESTED through the anus.
4 small intestine; The pancreas pours more enzymes into the small intestine which also provides its own enzymes to break down all the food into small soluble molecules . all products of digestion are absorbed into the blood stream here.
5 large intestine; by the time the remains of the food get here they are very wet and sloppy. The large intestine reabsorbs all the water from this mess leaving fairly dry indigestible faeces to be egested (released) from the body.

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