Breaking Bad

Jess Reid
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Mind Map on Breaking Bad, created by Jess Reid on 06/07/2014.

Jess Reid
Created by Jess Reid over 5 years ago
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Breaking Bad
1 Long form television drama from the US
1.1 Complex and typical single storyline
1.2 Stake of the nation TV
2 Set in Texas
3 Pilot episode aired 2008
3.1 Speech in Chemistry class foreshadows Walts future: Life changed, solution and dissolution etc
3.2 Begins 'in media res', motionless, western scenery, floating trousers? then sudden fast pace action, Walt driving RV in gas mask and half naked and then he crashed. Raises enigmas but then starts of at the beginning
3.3 Walt discovers he has cancer
3.4 By the end of the episode, Walt is now 'awake' and has his sexual drive. Last line by Skylar 'Walt is that you?'
4 Walter White/ Heisenberg
4.1 False hero or real hero?
4.2 'everyday' man but hero's journey is inverted
4.3 Walter: Old fashion, boring connotations
4.4 White: Plain, boring, waiting for some colour in his life, additionally connotes hope, goodness and purity which is Walt's underlying peronsality
4.5 Over-qualified High School Chemistry teacher, wears knitted beige and green jumpers, large glasses
4.6 Bullied/pushed around by his pupils e.g Chad and family e.g Hank
4.7 Skylar is almost opposite; modern housewife, modern name, 10+ years younger etc
4.8 Kills 'Crazy Eight' = crossing the threshold
5 Hybridity: Western, Crime drama, psychological drama and black comedy
5.1 Critics also suggest it draws generic elements of US TV, sit-coms, drama and literature e.g. Father holding the family together
6 Jesse Pinkman
6.1 Helper/dispatcher
6.2 Pinkman: female attributes
6.2.1 Originally appears as hard, tough, no good but audience discovers he is caring, emotional and means well. Deeply scarred by some things in his life
6.3 Jesse: Androgynous
6.4 Not typical drug dealer stereotype: white, small, wealthy family
6.5 Begins hating Walt but in the end learns from him (still a student/teacher connection)
7 Hank: Sheriff, American culture
8 Hero's journey
9 Appear to others as typical American family e.g. when filming on camera at baby shower, but are deeply floored
10 Connotations: American dream is ernt by education

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