Behaviour and Attitudes

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Created by Sprangbreak over 5 years ago
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Behaviour and Attitudes
1 Aggression
1.1 Assertion
1.1.1 Within rules of game
1.1.2 No desire to harm
1.2 Desire to harm
1.3 Not within laws of game
1.4 Theories of aggression
1.4.1 Natural Instinct Aggression a survival tool
1.4.2 Fraustration Caused by a goal being blocked
1.4.3 Social Learning Learnt from those around us
1.5 Combating Agression
1.5.1 Role models
1.5.2 Rewards
1.5.3 Punishments
1.5.4 Control Arousal
1.5.5 Avoid situations that lead to aggression
2 Attitudes
2.1 Determined by
2.1.1 Positive/negative experiences
2.1.2 Attitudes of those around us
2.2 Triadic model of attitude formation
2.2.1 Cognitive Beliefs
2.2.2 Affective Emotional response
2.2.3 Behavioral Intended behaviour based on attitude
2.3 Changed by
2.3.1 Cognitive Dissonance Changing of beliefs and emotions To change behaviour
2.3.2 Persuasion Significant other Clarity of message Ability to understand message

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