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Created by sophieandfamily2 over 6 years ago
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1 On the night of November 4th Guido Fawkes was discovered in the cella beneath houses of parliament
1.1 He was standing guard of several barrels of gunpowder. The hoped he would blow up hop on November 5th
1.1.1 Fawkes was one of a Catholic group who wanted the king to be replaced with a Catholic monarh The members were Robert Catesby, Guido Fawkes ,Thomas Winter ,John Wright ,Thomas Percy. One other recruit was Francic Tresham whose brother in law was Lord Monteagle a Member Of Parliament Tresham was worried about his bro in laws safety so he sent him a letter telling warning him not to attend the state opening. Francis Tresham had alerted the authorities. Guido Fawkes was arrested after being tortured and he revealed the names of the conspirators and he made a signed confession Cateby and Percy were killed resisting arrest and others were tried for treason ,found guiltyand arrested All but one of the conspirators were tried and arrested They tries tunnelling but it was too slow and difficult Some of the conspirators fled to the Midlands to try and start a catholic rebellion.
2 How did it fail
2.1 Francis Tresham sent a warning letter to Lord Monteagle
2.2 The letter was unsigned and in code
2.3 The letter was given to Cecil who gave it straight to the king
2.4 He gave it to James and then ordered a search to be made
2.5 James was paranoid because both of his parents were plotted against
2.6 At first he found nothing and then ordered for a further search to be made and found Guido Fawkes
2.7 Guido Fawkes gave up the name of the other conspirators
2.8 Tunnelling was too slow and difficult

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