Good and Evil

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Good and Evil
1 Problem of Evil
1.1 How do Christians believe that evil came into being?
1.1.1 Humans misusing freewill God gave us freewill?- God brought it into world? God not responsible as humans have the choice between good and evil so we have responsibility Satan tempts human in to making bad decisions and cause suffering in some beliefs Book of Job- God responsible as God doesn't help him even after all the suffering implemented and God never explains why he suffered even though he has kept his faith throughout the entirety
1.1.2 It is a test from God -test of faith Book of Job-devil tests his faith
1.1.3 Without evil you couldn't judge good actions
1.1.4 Christians have a duty to relieve suffering
1.1.5 Brings you closer to God
1.1.6 The Devil what is the devil? Force Psychological phenomenon An apparition One of God's angels that wanted too much power and had been thrown out of heaven Serpent is the Devil Jesus was tempted by the Devil after 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness
1.1.7 Original sin Eve ate the fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden when she was tempted by the Devil This sin marks all humanity Therefore we have to repent and establish atonement through redemption Before Man and woman felt no shame Were equal to God God was happy to be with humans After Their eyes opened to sin No longer lived as equals God banished them from the Garden of Eden
2 Moral Authority
2.1 Bible/ Sacred texts
2.1.1 Inspired word of God
2.1.2 Parables
2.1.3 Holy book-closer to religion
2.1.4 Shows how God wanted them to live
2.1.5 It needs to be interpreted to suit the time
2.2 Jesus
2.2.1 Role model
2.2.2 Example of life and teachings
2.2.3 Messenger or prophet
2.2.4 Follow him, you follow God
2.2.5 How to behave
2.2.6 Taught to be loving
2.2.7 A guide to life
2.3 Conscience
2.3.1 Voice of God Or upbringing
2.3.2 Guide
2.3.3 What to do- follow conscience
2.4 Leadership
2.4.1 Advice on how to live
3 Questions
3.1 Name an event which is classed as evil
3.1.1 Holocaust, 9/11, Murder, Terrorism
3.2 What kind of world would happen if no one did anything wrong?
3.2.1 There would be no evil, no arguments, no war, peace, not as much change, not as many mistakes, not as much to learn from, no pain, no murde
3.3 If there is no evil there would be no goodness.- do you agree?
3.3.1 Yes- no evil nothing to contrast against good actions so it would become the social norm. All actions would be good and although the actions would be good they wouldn't be classed as good as all the actions are the same.
3.4 'There is no such thing as evil'- dicuss
3.4.1 For Not a physical thing Absence of good Bad things aren't evil- all part of God's plan Omnibenevolent Psychological phenomenon Misusing freewill
3.4.2 Against Evidence of suffering mentioned in Bible Snake tempted Eve Devil personified 3 perceptions of the Devil
4 Suffering
4.1 Moral evil/ suffering
4.1.1 evil by humans that causes the suffering of others
4.1.2 Child abuse, war, injury
4.2 Natural evil/ suffering
4.2.1 Evil that is caused by nature which causes the suffering of others
4.2.2 Bereavement, Natural disasters causing hunger/injury/isolation
4.3 Is suffering useless?
4.3.1 Yes Babies suffer for no reason Pain and misery for no cause Lose faith in God
4.3.2 No Test from God Brings you closer to your faith Closer to God
4.4 Why does suffering cause a problem for God?


4.5 How do Christians cope with suffering?
4.5.1 Prayer Pray for strength- accept God doesn't always answer in the way they want- God chooses what is best for them
4.5.2 Reading the Bible Follow the example of Job and the parables in the Bible
4.5.3 Follow example of Jesus God is able to understand suffering due to Jesus coming to Earth and suffering
4.5.4 Hope the promise of eternal life in heaven with no suffering
4.5.5 Acceptance Don't question God's plan-it has a purpose
4.5.6 Closer to faith They believe they must retain their faith in God even during times of suffering

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