Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI)


Describing MCIs and their differences from dementia, as well as the link between the two.
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Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI)
  1. What is it?
    1. Symptoms
      1. Problems with day to day memory
        1. Difficulty planning
          1. Problems with language
            1. Difficulty with attention span
              1. Problems with visuospatial skills
              2. MCI can signal the beginning of dementia, or be completely unrelated and due to treatable illnesses.
                1. MCIs can be noticed by memory loss declining faster than at a normal pace in ageing.
                  1. Causes external to dementia
                    1. Stress
                      1. Anxiety
                        1. Depression
                          1. Physical illness
                            1. Side effect of medication
                          2. Developing into dementia
                            1. 2/3 MCI patients experience memory loss
                              1. Statistics
                                1. 10-15% of MCI patients develop dementia
                                  1. 15-20% of older people develop an MCI
                                    1. MCI patients are 3-5x more likely to develop dementia than without an MCI
                                  2. Can we identify MCI that will increase risk of dementia?
                                    1. MRIs to detect changes in brain structure and activity are being researched
                                      1. Measuring protein concentration in cerebrospinal fluid may help predict risk of developing dementia
                                      2. Benefits if diagnosing MCI
                                        1. Helps indentify risk of dementia
                                          1. Can lead to earlier diagnosis of dementia
                                            1. Earlier access to treatments where needed
                                              1. Time to adopt a healthier lifestyle to prevent dementia
                                              2. Treatments
                                                1. No approved drugs
                                                  1. Vague link to dementia drugs being beneficial
                                                    1. Talking therapies such as counselling and CBT have been suggested to help
                                                    2. Risk factors for developing dementia and MCIs
                                                      1. Age
                                                        1. Genes
                                                          1. Depression
                                                            1. Diabetes
                                                              1. High BP
                                                                1. Smoking
                                                                  1. Excessive drinking
                                                                    1. High cholesterol
                                                                      1. Obesity
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