Intrinsic Motivation

Justin Bryant
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Communication Disorders Note on Intrinsic Motivation, created by Justin Bryant on 09/27/2017.
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Intrinsic motivation is a behavior that is fueled by internal satisfaction. This kind of motivation drive us to act without considering any kind of external praise. It is motivation that comes from intangible factors such as our own personal desires. Certain factors that contribute to intrinsic motivation include challenge, control, and recognition. This can be applied to both Cortez and Crystal as it pertains to their behavior in school. As mentioned n this week's episode of Last Chance High, Crystal and Cortez come from household where their fathers are not present. Intrinsic motivation impacts Cortez's pragmatic language as it relates to the factors of challenge and control in that his disruptive behaviors could be linked to low self-esteem due to the absence of his father along with a problems with language (ex: recalling information, topic maintenance.) This can also be applied to Crystal as demonstrated through her possibly looking for recognition. Her disruptive behavior along with running away from home could stem from her looking for her behavior to be recognized by her father.    

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