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Food typeHow does it help?When do we need it in sport?Where do we get it?CarbohydratesProvides quick energy. 60% of our diet should comprise 'carbs'.Running. Athletes in training will eat more 'carbs'. Marathon runners will 'load' before the event.Pasta, cereals and potatoesFatsNB Unsaturated fats are healthy. Too much saturated fat from animal products can lead to heart disease.Provides slow energy. 25% of our diet should be fat.Walking and low impact exercise - it produces energy too slowly to be used when working hard.Oils, dairy products, nuts and fishProteinBuilds and repairs muscle. We only need 15% of our diet to be protein.When training hard and recovering from injury. ‘Power’ athletes such as weight lifters will eat more protein.Meat, pulses and fishVitaminsegA - for visionB - for energy production and stress reductionC - to keep skin healthyD - to help bones and teethHelps the body work. Helps concentration.Staying calm, making quick decisionsFresh fruit and vegetablesMineralsegCalcium - to strengthen bonesIodine - for energy productionIron - prevents fatigueHelps release energy from food. Helps decision makingWhen training hard and competingFruit, vegetables and fishFibreCan't be digested. Fills you up and keeps you 'regular'Healthy digestion, (no constipation) helps in sport. Also helps with weight control.Fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cerealsWaterMaintains fluid levelsWhenever you sweat. It prevents dehydrationThe tap! It's all you need most of the time.

DefinitionsIngestion - Eating the food/drinkDigestion - Breaking down the food into soluble nutrients Absorption - Absorbing the products of digestion in the small intestine Assimilation - Absorbing the products of digestion from the blood stream into the cells and using themEgestion - Removing the undigested food as faecesPeristalsis - Wave of muscle movement that sends food through the digestive system

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