Writing: a newspaper repor

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Writing: a newspaper repor

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Write a short newspaper report using an event that has been in the news recently. Include information about what happened, where and when did it happen? Who was involved? Why did they do it? How did they do it? etc.

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It seemed everything was calm and nothing pointed to what would disturb a peaceful Easter in Spain. After so many interrumptions and painful headaches produced by the Catalonia conflict, this country needed some rest. (Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia remained in German custodity though). So, even the Royal Family deserved to run away from their daily routines and they packed their bags to go to Palma de Mallorca residence to a wonderful family reunion. However, fate was keeping something secret. In Spain, a traditional devout country, we are used to see our Royal Family attending Church services all together, doing some sports, shopping... such as any other family enjoying their holidays. In fact, it is very common to watch them going out for dinner in casual clothing and feeling more relaxed. But what happened on Easter Sunday between the current queen of Spain and the former queen (King´s mother) has left public opinion completely shocked. Apparently the grandmother just wanted to take a picture with her two granddaughters but their mother didn´t agree with that. Up until now could have remained as a "unsual" anecdote but what actually occurred was this disagreement took place in front of all the press who were able to record it. Because we shouldn´t forget that they are in the public domain whether they like it or not.   In the one-minute video you can perfectly notice how the current queen put herself between the grandmother and the press with the clear intention of avoiding the photograph without any apparent reason.   Moreover, to add more painful details you can actually notice the grandmother´s disappointment on her face when finally, after two or three attempts she had to dismiss it.    In spite of the King trying to discourage her, she didn´t consent. Even the chlidren were aware and also started to feel uncomfortable with their grandmother.    But as if it wouldn´t have been enough, two minutes passed, another queen´s reaction was captured by a photographer outside the Majorca Cathedral. At this time, after noticing how the grandmother had kissed on one of her children´s forehead, she rushed to remove it with her hands as she didn´t approve at all.    As a result of this shocking scene the video has become viral and as an inevitable consequence all the international (not only the national) press are taking notes of all impresions all around the globe (specially European countries with Royal houses.    In fact, the former queen´s cousin from Belgium has posted recently on Twitter how upset she felt.. any grandmother deserved such as disrespectful trait and she showed her real personality. All of this as a diredt criticism to the current queen, which is coming from another crown princess is not easily dismissed.             

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