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Campaign Staff, Expanded - Emerge Alabama Activist Training

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Campaign Staff, expanded

FIELD  GOALS register voters identify volunteers persuade voters identify supporters Get Out to Vote! There's been a shift from paid organizers to volunteers --> Obama campaign --> more grassroots, more people-oriented -->digital media makes it easier TOOLS canvassing (knocking on doors) phone banking events house parties precinct captain programs : training volunteers to become organizers in their particular neighborhood/community (allows a more direct, targeted approach to specific communities) parades, festivals, other preorganized events yard signs (surprisingly controversial?) My thoughts: reminds people it's election season; reminds them to research; reminds them to vote; makes people feel like they're a part of a greater community; it's super fun to see rows of yard signs! FINANCE & FUNDRAISING call time : phone banking, but mostly just for the candidate/campaign manager to log personal hours & reach personal finance goals (esp. prevalent in smaller elections) one-on-one meetings events (best if volunteer-organized) emails/web-based  BE SURE TO SET UP YOUR OWN WEBSITE WITH A DONATE LINK!  Do not underestimate the power of small, online donations! PACS, orgs COMMUNICATIONS & DIGITAL "earned" media press coverage by virtue of something the candidate has done/said -- you don't pay, they do it for you free, BUT you don't drive the narrative/create the story "paid" media extremely effective but EXPENSIVE you NEED to hire professionals/consultants DIGITAL BEST PRACTICES: always include a "direct ask" ask to talk if questions! encourage conversation b/n your candidate and the digital populace FOMO! get great photos and let social pressure do your campaigning for you! include links & stuff FOLLOW UP WITH EVERY SINGLE PERSON. DO NOT ALLOW ANY POSSIBLE RESOURCES TO SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS!  

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Field Programs & Volunteer Recruitment

What's a FIELD PROGRAM? bunch of voters who get together to make something happened. volunteer-driven, volunteer-based. COMPONENTS: volunteer recruitment (mall walkers: use the right people for the right places, and never discriminate) volunteer duties (tools) (prayer & internet warriors: again, use the right people for the right places) voter contact (stick to the ground: YOU, the candidate, need to be everywhere you can. send a surrogate if you can/have to) voter turnout (always place an emphasis on getting people out to vote. FOLLOW UP WITH THEM.)                                                                                     E * N * G * A * G * E * M * E * N * T Do not underestimate the power of "people who know people". People listen to those who know, and people know more people than they think they know! (phone trees) Always remember: "People don't buy what they do, they buy why you do it." (From the TEDTalk) Show your gratitude, to voters, and volunteers  Doesn't necessarily have to be monetary payment, but... Free events, like bowling or tickets to movies, etc, etc, will make people feel valued, trusted, and loved Also don't underestimate the power of thank-you note! VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT Friends-->Family-->Food Identify allied orgs --> don't forget about contact forms! "Friend-raiser" : get your volunteers to bring a friend, rather than bring money. Lots of manpower = easier fundraising. 

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