History of Modern India

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Chapter-01 {The Decline of Mughal Empire}

Bahadur Shah (1707-1712):

Rajput states of Amber and Marwar : Replace Jai singh of Amber  his young brother Vijai Singh  and forcing Ajit singh f Marwar to summit to mughal authority. Made attempt to garrison the cities of amber and marwar. Soon made settlements. demands for malwa and gujraat's office of maansaab not accepted. Policy towards Marathas: Half-hearted conciliation. Granted sardeshmukhi of deccen but not chauth. didn't recognise Sahu as true maratha king. Thus, Sahu and Tarabai continued to fight with other marathas and with mughuls also. Policy towards Sikhs: Make peace with Guru Govind Singh. After him revolt in lead of Banda Bahadur. Campaign against Banda bahadur with churaman jat and chatarsal bundela. Deterioration in field of administration. State finance worsened.

Jahandar Shah

Supported by  Zulfiqar Khan (became wazir)   jizyah was abolished.