History and Current State of Informatics

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Board Exam Fundamentals Note on History and Current State of Informatics, created by Michael Riben on 08/07/2013.

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Michael Riben
Created by Michael Riben over 5 years ago
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Kulikowski's definition of Informatics - Biomedical informatics = multidisciplinar field that studies and pursues effective uses of biomedical data, information, knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving, decision making, motivated to improve health

Hersh's definition of Biomedical Health Informatics - Field concerned with optimal use of information, often aided by technology, to improve individual health, healthcare, public health and biomedical research Bernstam's definition of Biomedical Health Informatics - The science of information applied to biomedicin ==> Data + MeaningArie Hasman -definition of Biomedical Health Informatics 1996 - The scientific discipline concerned with the systematic processing of data, information , and knowledge in medicine and healthcare

Origin of Field/Terminology Of Informatics:  Term originated in Russia in 1960s Widespread use in France and then rest of europe in 1960's = Informatique MEdical informatics first used in 1974 Other areas use term informatics but most often used with Healthcare/Biomedical Arena

List of Early EMR's HELP = Health Evaluation through Logical Processing - University of UTAH TMR - The medical Record at Duke University Regenstreif - Indiana COSTAR - Mass Gen - Computer Stored Ambulatory Record El Camino - California

Careers: 1) Academic - Informatics Research2) Clinical - CIO, CMIO, Developer, Trainer etc3)Liaison - Represent clinical or research community in IT initiatives

Bayes Theorem - relationship between probabilities of A and B , P(A) and P(B) and the conditional probabilities of AgivenB and BgivenA  - P(A|B) and P(B|A) P(A|B) = P (B|A)P(A)                  P(B) 

Moore's Law= The number of Transistors on integrated circuites doubles approximately every 2 yrs. 

Metcalfe's Law - The value of telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system - Gilder formulated this rule in 1993, attributed to Metcalfe interms of the Ethernet

Defined Problems /Concepts in informatics - Greek Oracle Problem - early expert systems tried ot mimic doctorsCurly Braces Problem - Generic rules difficult to apply in local settingsSociology is a big part of Informtics --> Homer Warner's summarization of Infomratics - 10% medicine, 10% technology, 80% solciologyMetrics - used in diagnostic decision making and information retrieval p- recall/sensitivity, precision, and specificity 

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