The Health System

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Michael Riben
Created by Michael Riben over 5 years ago
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What goes into defining Health  Policymaking Social Factors Health Services Individual behavior, Biology and genetics

Healthcare Delivery - most people will have modest interactions with the Health System

Problems with US Healthcare Delivery  US Pays more for all aspects of healthcare Life Expectancy is among lowest of advanced countries and has highest rate of death among men and women under 50 May have as much as 20 % waste

Sources of Waste in US healthcare Overtreatment Failure to coordinate care Failure to use best practices in care delivery Administrative complexity Pricing failures Fraud and abuse

Public Health Definition: The Science of Protecting and improving health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention

What are Core Functions of Public health 1) Assessment2) Policy development3) Public Assurance

Key Public Health Activities Prevent Epidemics and spread of disease Protect against environmental hazards Prevent Injuries Promote and Encourage healthy behaviors Respond to disasters and assists communities in recovery Assure quality and accessibilty of health services

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