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deceptive stability on weimar germany.

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How accurate is it to describe the years 1924-9 in Germany as a period of deceptive stability?

P.E.E.Make your initial point; making sure its a strong one.Back up your point with valid evidence.Explain your point going back to the question at hand.

Consider the sources instability/potential stabilityHow is it stable?Make a judgement: is this situation sustainable?FOR & AGAINST STRUCTURE          STABILITY=SUSTAINABILITY.

Economy.Stresemann said the economy was 'dancing on the edge of a volcano.' Economy declined , value of mark falling drastically.  new currency. Debt of 144,000 from treaty of Versailles. Dawes plan - 5 years of economic growth help pay rep. industry recovered, economic benefits. up -40% , growth of cartels between industries = share joint monopolies over industry-prosper. e.g IG Farben 50% coal iron steel distribution in Germany.

Introduction-Stability- Resistance to change, deterioration, or displacement.Sustainability- Being able to maintain growth at a certain rate or level i.e economic growth.Germany's status- great inflation , reparations coalition government ,inability to deal with problems, public losing faith in parliamentary democracy.foreign affairs declining because of G.I.Criteria for success- SUSTAINABILITY.

Conclusion. Were improvements - not sustainable enough for government to establish stability Republic was alive till end of warparliamentary democracy collapsed in 1933 Hitler established dictator ship.

Social.  growth of industry = annual wage increase by 5-10% Made their faith increase in republic Development of Social welfare - victims of inf. lost lives on fixed incomes ie. pensioners. Political & Social. steer away from extremist parties like communists to destroy republic. unemployment benefits - by inference could be the reason of public support for pro-democratic parties 60% - extremists faced decline. republic helped in ec. trouble.  28% of GNP on public exp.

However.loans from us - short them stability - long term no.unsustainable , money will run out =  1926 - production =down world trade decreased Vulnerable and independent on whims of foreign capitals. ' false image of prosperity.'-External forces

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