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Introduction: * Pinpoint the focus issue of the article(s). *Analyse the wider implications of the issue. *Who is the writer? What are the writer’s vested interests? *What is the writer’s viewpoint/contention/position /stance ? (Track the development of the argument in the Body Paragraphs). *Who is the target audience? Who are the stakeholders? *What does the writer want the reader to think/do/feel/believe? *What is the tone (flavour) of the article? Are there shifts/changes of tone? Body Paragraphs: * What language techniques (verbal tactics) does the writer use to persuade/position/convince/sway the reader ? *What /where/why? *Group similar techniques within a paragraph, so that the general focus is apparent. This is the topic sentence. * You need to constantly gauge the intended effect of language on the reader. * Track the development of the argument that supports the point of view. *Analyse (in detail) how accompanying graphic supports the point of view Conclusion: *What is the overall impact of the text?

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