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WHOSE REALITYNon text examples      Possible sourcesNewspaper History      -  Don't use WWII or Alziehmers or dementia. Don't use outside books or movies. Waste of time. Personal experience - not too general or simple! It's not going to give any good marks because its far too simple. Looking for depth and complexity.     Current affairs Pageant mums - their dreams lived out in their children  Victims of abuse who repress memories Asylum seekers - some see them as queue jumpers? desperate victims? Asylum seekers see themselves as running away from danger - their own perspective Ahn Do - "the Happiest Refugee" - his memories influenced him to make the most of his 'new' life.  "Go back to where you came from" External military intervention   - Syria   - Afghanistan - the memory of military intervention in Afghanistan, with terrible consequences, influences our current view on any action in Syria.    - Global perspective of previous sarin (sp) gassing has influences how the world now reacts to the use of sarin gas (Iraqui insurgents)   Hiroshima, Nagasaki - any weakpoints of mass destruction causes great fear in the minds of Westerners Mahlala    - Compare her point of view to that of the Taliban's Childhood memories   - The memories of how life was lives as a child can influence how an individual lives as an adult even if their financial status changes (cashed up bogans)  Memory shaping current perspective   - Previous knowledge of the Lance Armstrong drug cheating influences how the Essendon FC drug scandal was received.    - Tiger Woods - our memories of his sexual addiction and numerous affairs taints how to is perceived today - He has been seen as perfect by the world. Huge shock.  Liberal opposition - used footage of Kevin Rudd swearing to rekindle memories in the public of his previous incompetence and poor behaviour.               

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