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Throughout this course, you will be using two books written by Nancy Duarte: Resonate and Slide:ology. Duarte is a communication expert with over twenty years experience working with companies and leaders. Her approach applies storytelling and visual components to communication in order to shift audience beliefs and behaviors.

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Resonate addresses the content and message of a presentation. This book explores how to draft, shape, and deliver an effective presentation through oral communication. Slide:ology addresses how visuals support a message in a presentation. Although the content in this book emphasizes that the key to a good presentation is its ideas, it shows how using visuals on the slides can enhance or even drive the content. concepts in her books, your own experiences, and other professional presentations, you will learn the foundations of oral communication. You will use these concepts to develop presentations focusing on audience, delivery, message, and a visual story. This week, you will read the following chapters from Resonate: Chapter 1: Why Resonate? Chapter 2: Lessons from Myths and Movies Chapter 3: Get to Know the Hero Chapter 4: Define the Journey Chapter 7: Deliver Something They'll Always Remember

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