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Spreadsheet:Used in accounting for presenting business data like item quantity, cost and revenue in rows and columnsProduce accounting reports, financial models, inventory reports, quotation and personal mail listsE.g. Excel, Corel Quattro Pro, openoffice.org Calc Cell reference (/Relative(no$)Absolute(2$)/mixed(1$))  Relative:Calculates relative position and location of the target cell. Cell reference in the target cell is changed accordingly Absolute::By using '$'  copy/move the cell, the formula remains unchanged  Mixed:Column letter/ row no. with a $ remains unchanged. The other part changes as the way as relative cell reference  

=code("A")                65=Char(65)                 A=Len("Text")             No. of char -> 4=Left("Text",3)          Tex=mid("Text,2,3)         ex=Right(..)= TEXT(1234.56,"0,000.0") 1,234.6=Value("301")=date(B1)=Month=Year=Weekday=Today=Datevalue("31/12/2010")  40543=TIme(H,M,S)                   return represent by string=Timevalue=Hour=Minute=Second

Formula=round(B2,1)             return to 1 dp      =int(B2)                     Round down to nearest integer="App"& "le"               join strings=max(B2:B9)             Max value with in the Range=min(B2:B9)              Min=average(B2:B9)=count(B2:B9)           No. of cells contain numbers=countif(B2:B9,="A" )=Large(B2:B9,2)       The largest value, 2nd largest =small(B2:B9,2)=mode(B2:B9)          Values with the highest frequency=Sum(B2:B9)=sumif(B2:B9,="AB",C2:C9)=Mod(B2,3)              Remainder of B2/3=Power(B2,3)           B2^3=Rand(B2)                0=If(B2=If(And(B2=0,B3=0),"Pass","Fail")=if(Or... ),.. )=if(Not(...),..)

Chart typeBar chart                Compare data in several categoriesLine chart               Trend over timePie chart                 %contributed to cateogriesScatter Chart          Correlations between 2 data seriesStock Chart            Trend of stock priceFunction : Table, sort, filterWhat-if:-Scenario Manager Create secnarios and commpare the results-Goal seekEvaluate the values of cells concerned from a given conclusionPivot TableCreate summary table (row field,column field, value field , report filter) Pivot Chart graphical representation of pivot table

Database-ve of filing cabinet, searching,sorting process of inform is very consumingKey field: unique to specific recordInput  Mask: Prevent invalid inputDatabase Object1. Table     store different types of data2. Form     manipulate and display the data3. Report   present data in professional,easy-to-read layout4.Query    perform anction table5. Macro   simple program6. Module  contain data management logic defined by userQuery Wizard- simple queryDesign view- graphical tool that can create querySQL view- a text-input interface for writing SQL statements

QueriesSelect field name(s) from table name(s) where.... order by field namese.g. Select table1,table2,table3 from members where district IN(" TW,","MK") order by Last_name;e.g.2 select count(*) from members group by district;

Data type Text Memo Number Date/Time Currency AutoNumber Yes/No OLE object Hyperlink

Data ImportObject Linking EmbeddingObject linking: a linked object that links to actual object created by another application. +ve does not increase the file size a lot+ve automatically reflected the changes (update)-ve once the actual object is deleted or move to another location, no longer be accessObject Embedding: copying an object to the destination document.+ve can update inside document-ve large file sizeMail merge: integrates the structure data source to a document template and produces multiple documents 

Lists : Emphasize key pointsOrder ListUnordered listNest ListTable+ve present a number of records+ve information in a meaningful order+ve compare the characteristics of two or more itemsCharts+ve enhance the reader's understanding (simple graphical format)+ve facilitate data analysis and interpenetration by summarizing the resultsGraphics  Arouse the interest of audience Illustrate complicated ideas More organized manner

Multimedia1. Text 2. Graphics3. Audio4. Video/animation

Planning the presentationObjective of the presentation, audience, content, time allocation  ,form, Mean of presentations:Slide show: meeting interactive presentationWeb-based: remote presentationStory-oriented presentation Collecting and selecting appropriate inform Organizing relevant inform(intro, main body, concl) Creating a storyboard(layout,bg color, text attributes, line spacing) Introducing interactive elementsinteraction element: allow audience interact / take control of presentation. (Games, buttons, text, graphics, hyperlinks) Conduct the presentationIntro yourselfSpeak loud and clear Proper mannerPoint to graphicsAsk if they hv things to askTHz





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