Photosynthesis Notes

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Notes on photosynthesis for higher biology.

Naomi Anderson
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Photosynthesis1) Photolysis The first stage of photosynthesis happens in the grana of the chloroplast Light energy is absorbed by the photosynthetic pigments and is used to split water into hydrogen, ATP and oxygen Hydrogen binds with NADP to form NADPH Oxygen is released as a waste product ATP and hydrogen are used in the second stage 2) The Calvin Cycle The second stage happens in the stroma and is also called the Carbon Fixation stage Carbon dioxide diffuses into the stroma and combines with 5 carbon RuBP to produce a 6 carbon unstable compund This breaks down into 3 carbon GP GP is converted into TP using the ATP and hydrogen from Photolysis TP converts to glucose Some TP remains in the cycle and regenerate RuBP 3) Limiting factors of photosynthesis Light intensity Carbon dioxide concentration Temperature Now try the photosynthesis quiz by naomijoy000