Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

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Created by silviaod119 about 6 years ago
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An element is a substance that cannot be split up into simpler substances by chemical means.Elements are made of one type of atom.Examples include: Oxygen, Nitrogen - gasRadium, Polonium -radioactiveMercury, Bromine - LiquidGold, Aluminium - SolidNames and Symbols of Elements Copper - Cu                             Silver - AgGold - AuZinc - ZnThe names of the elements are directly derived from Latin. For example, Gold = Au The Latin for Gold is "Aur". That is pretty similar!

This is an example of an element as all the atoms are the same

Names and Symbols of Elements you should know:The Obvious Ones: Oxygen Copper - Cu Silver - AgGold - AuZinc - ZnAluminium - AlIron - Fe

A compound is a substance which is made up of two or more elements combined together chemically.Compounds made when elements combine or react together. This is known as a chemical reaction.

Names and Symbols of Elements you should know for Junior Cert:Carbon - COxygen - OSulphur - SNitrogen - NHydrogen - H




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