Cell Functions and Components

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Complete this after completing the multiple choice quiz of the Science Section: Chapter 1, Cell Function and Components. Comment your answers.

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One of the primary enzymes in saliva is amylase. Amylase starts to break down starches in the food you eat. Starches are long chains of sugars attached to each other, and amylase breaks the bonds along the chain to release maltose sugar molecules. To experience amylase in action, chew on a cracker for a minute and you will find that it starts to taste sweet. Amylase functions in a neutral to slightly basic environment, which is definitely not to be found in the acid bath that is your stomach. There are many different enzymes; however each enzyme can only survive to certain pH requirements that are found throughout the body. After a delicious dinner at a steakhouse in Texas, explain in your own words, why the meat in between your teeth wasn't broken down by "amylase" (the enzyme in your saliva). This is to stimulate problem solving skills.

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