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Note on the periodic table

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The Periodic Table

Columns - groupsrows - periodsmiddle section - transition metals group 0 can also be written and group 8group 8 - very stable and very un-reactive. they are the noble gases. group 1 - alkaline metals, they are very reactive Examples of reactions with water and oxygen: metal + oxygen = metal oxide metal + water = sodium oxide metal + water = metal hydroxide + hydrogen lithium + water = lithium hydroxide + hydrogen Structure of electrons in each group of the periodic table - Clearly, depending on which group it is that the amount of electrons which will be on the outer shellGroup 1 example; Lithium has 3 electrons we would say the electronic configuration is 2:1 (this shows there is 2 electrons in the 1st shell and 1 in the second shell) Sodium is 2:8:1 Potassium is 2:8:8:1 Group 2 example of magnesium the structure is 2:8:2 Beryllium is 2:2

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